This tipline should be utilized for legitimate concerns and reports ONLY. Anyone found to be making fallacious or malicious reports may face disciplinary action. 

Types of reports that can be made:

-Drug activity/usage

-Threats or acts of violence to the community, individual(s), school safety, one's own self, etc. 


-Self/harm, Suicidal threats

*This form is not to be used in place of emergencies. Though this form is regularly monitored, it is not to be used in place of 911. If someone is actively trying to carry out an act of violence, harm themselves or others, or any other situation that needs an immediate emergency response- please contact emergency personnel/services by dialing 911. 


This is a place where you can report drug activity, bullying, safety concerns, or odd behaviors that point towards means for concern, and anything else that is a school or community safety threat. See something? Say something.
If you would like us to follow up with you privately and confidentially, Please put your first and last name here. If you would like to opt-out of this, just simply type "anonymous." *Please note that based on the seriousness and urgency of the tip, we may still have to obtain more information from you. Confidentiality is always a priority in every circumstance.
Please put the date of the event, concern, etc. If there is no specific or relevant date- just put the date that you are submitting the tip.