March is National Social Work Month!

Written on 03/22/2023
Brionna Taylor

March is National Social Work Month!

March is National Social Work Month and this year’s selected theme is all about breaking barriers!

The National Association of Social Workers states that during this month, they will be shifting the focus to raise public awareness about how social workers continue to break barriers in all communities and how these contributions will continue to improve our nation. More than 700,000 social workers nationwide have entered the profession because they have a strong aspiration to assist those in need and make our communities, our nation, and our world a better place for all. For generations, social workers have broken barriers to help people live improved lives, and they continue to break barriers by empowering people in tough situations. An expected 800,000 social workers will join the profession by 2030. Yet, social workers need your support. They deserve higher salaries and more resources and support that make it easier for people to enter, work, and remain within this great field.



The National Professional Social Work Month was established by the National Association of Social Workers in 1963.They targeted ad campaigns on television at the public to encourage public support and to generate interest in the profession of social work. It was hugely successful in its beginning, earning over 35,000 letters of support. In 1984, the United States Government formally recognized National Social Work Month in March. It was introduced by Democratic Senators and was co-sponsored by a Republican. Ronald Regan then signed it into law, and here we are today nearly 40 years later!

During this month, here is what YOU can do:

-Show your support for a social worker you know- there are nearly 680,000 social workers in the United States- so chances are, you know one!

-Consider a career in social work.

-Learn about the different services provided by social workers.

-Share why social work is important to you!

Visit or honor the field of social work by using #NationalProfessionSocialWorkMonth.