Tawk.To- What is it? And how it works

Written on 07/27/2022
Brionna Taylor


Tawk.to is designed to provide users the option to initate a live chat with our Police Social Worker, Brionna Taylor.  Once you click on the tawk.to button in the content list on the left hand side of the screen , you will have the ability to connect live and chat with someone immediatley between the hours of 8:00AM-4:30PM during the weekdays. This option is availble for issues that may need a more quicker response than filling out the tip form. This option may also be utilized to ask questions or reveive assistance regarding LCHAT.  Tawk.to allows for quicker response times in reference to tips and information that is submitted through LCHAT. 

****Please note that while using Tawk.to- the user is still anonymous if they do not wish to identify themselves. However, if malicious and falacious activity is suspected- there are still means to idenitfy who uses tawk.to and LCHAT. Our aim is to impove community and school safety, please only utilize LCHAT and Tawk.to only if you have legitimate concerns for community and school safety.****