Welcome to LCHAT

Written on 07/13/2022
Brionna Taylor

Welcome to LCHAT!

LCHAT is LaRue County Hotline and Tips. With the recent and tragic events in Uvalde Texas and in Highland Park Illinois, it quickly became apparent that the suspects in these events were deeply troubled and many folks within these communities came forward only after these tragedies to report and comment on the bizzare and troubling behaviors that these individuals exhibited prior to their horrific actions. This is the case all too often when a situation such as this occurs.

It is our hope that with LCHAT that this platform provides students, teachers, and members of the community with a secure, anonymous, and confidential way to report suspicious activity, behaviors, and any and all threats to community and school safety before tragedy occurs. With LCHAT you will have the option to provide your name and contact information. If you elect to do so, your information will be kept compleltely confidential and secure.  If you elect not to provide your information, it is still important to note that should any false or malicious use of LCHAT occur- identifying information can still be obtained and legal action could occur. Please help us keep LCHAT open for legitimate concerns and safety issues only. 

Another component of LCHAT is that the platform will also serve as a place to recieve mental health, health, and other additional resources that will be added and updated regularly.